Artifacts from the Apocalypse

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In one of my more unfortunate acts of oversight I failed to upload these images months ago when they were posted. Please excuse my error and revel in all the wonderful, wonderfulness of eye catching glory that are Genevieve’s photos. These were from a shoot we did with Gavin, Lauren Buchsbaum, and me (underneath a pile of burlap) a few months ago… Scott did the special effects, Georgi and Rob are behind the camera, and Genevieve provided the stills. Enjoy!


Where is Lamby?

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Sooooooooo… the girl we locked in the closet? These are a few of the pics from that shoot. I’ll be uploading some outtakes soon as well. You of course know Aaron Bidwell and Alex Evans, but I’d like to introduce Cady Swail. She was absolutely brilliant on set and amazing to work with! When we were filming she was all business, as soon as “cut” was called she had us rolling on floor laughing (you’ll see soon enough). Enjoy these for now, outtakes and pics from the music video coming soon.

Ah ah ah ah ahhhhhtttackkkk! oooohhh…

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Way before we plunged. Even before we made actors and actresses eat pounds of overgelled jello, and even earlier than we locked a 10 year old in a closet just because “the lighting was nice”, we did this shoot. Featured in the images are Adam Hinckley, Greg Wilkins, Kirsten Thorson, Georgi Unkovski, Rob Carr, and Liv EarleĀ  (she did all the effects for this shoot). Genevieve is there as well but she’s behind the camera, so unless you catch a reflection you’re not too likely to see her. However, you will see her soon in the new music video that we’ll be wrapping production on this weekend… see you soon in an empty parking lot.


We Survived!

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This weekend has been a really busy for Green Sweater Studios. We started off Friday night and all day Saturday shooting the music video for Georgi Sareski. The Sunday morning Ed, Jake, Kenny and I headed to Charlotte Beach for the Annual Polar Plunge. If you’re not familiar it’s a benefit to raise money for the Special Olympics and involves 1000 insane individuals running into a freezing lake in costume. Zombies were well represented. This year our team raised over $600 (we’re not sure exactly because Ed and I paid for Jake after Jake had actually paid). Anyway, enjoy the short clip and images from the plunge below, and I’ll be back tomorrow with images from Genevieve.

The above link will take you to the news story where all four of us made it into the video (Kenny yells at the camera with Ed nearby and before that Jake and I are stumbling through the lake.

Director’s Notes 2/11/10

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No exciting images for now but plenty of good news. We’ve wrapped two shoots recently, which will have images soon and we’re shooting our music video this weekend for Georgi Sareski’s song Zagreb. Also, to promote the movie and raise money for Special Olympics a few of us will be putting together a small horde to do the Polar Plunge. Anyone who donates will receive a special credit at the end of the movie! Just click this link. Come back soon for pictures from previous shoots and Jake, Ed, and I turning blue.

Again we rise…

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Avert your eyes… we’re back to shooting again and the dead are rising with us. Judging by the bloody handprints frozen to the windows this weekends shoot was quite the success. We also welcomed Greg Wilkins (zombie) and Adam Hinckley (Peeping Tom Turned Zombie) to the team. Genevieve was of course on set so we’ll have images soon, and I do think they’ll hold some most delightful surprises. In the meantime here’s an outtake from the end of our shoot where Greg and Adam, but mostly Greg, are singing Forever Young. While you’re enjoying please take note of the wonderful makeup effects provided by Liv Earle who is demonstrating some amazing gore talent. Behind the lens is Georgi, monitoring the sound is Rob, and staring off into a pane of glass in the background is me. Enjoy!

From the Archives …

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We’re halfway through shooting now and on a short pause for the holidays. With a little bit of free time I thought I’d add some images from the archives…